Reese’s Pieces Christmas Edition


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REESE’S PIECES peanut butter candy is as close as you can get to perfection as possible. Imagine taking the classically loved REESE’S peanut butter and smashing it down into tiny pieces of goodness. And don’t forget to cover them with colorful, crunchy candy shells! There’s just something about the sound of pouring REESE’S PIECES sweets into your hand during your favorite Christmas movie or grabbing some as you walk out the door. Speaking of, keep your covered holiday candy bowls filled with crunchy, delicious REESE’S PIECES peanut butter candy. Your friends and family will empty the candy dish as fast as you can fill it! You can also sprinkle these peanut butter candies over your ice cream or decorate a holiday cake with a unique design. Any sweet treat you bake is the right dessert for crunchy peanut butter candy. Think cookies, brownies, cupcakes and caramel bars. These gluten-free and kosher candies come in a box with an easy opening for pouring. Adorn your Christmas stockings, dessert tables and candy dishes throughout the Christmas season.





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