Candies are a popular treat around the world. Among different candies, American candies are known for their extreme sweetness. So, why are American candies so sweeter than others? Not only in terms of composition, but the sweetness of American candies also depends on other things. 

Visit any American sweet shop in Nottingham and fulfil your sweet tooth. You’ll be amazed to find almost every American candy is sweeter than candies compared to other countries. Wondering why? Here are a few interesting facts to check out. 

Why are American candies sweeter than other candies?

High fructose corn syrup

One of the primary reasons American candies are so sweet is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as a sweetener. HFCS is cheaper and more readily available than sugar. So American candy manufacturers prefer using them in their candies. High fructose means highly sweet. So once you put the same in your mouth, you’ll be delighted with the sweetness. 

Sweet tooth culture

American culture has a notorious sweet tooth. Hence the demand for overly sweet candies is always high among Americans. Americans tend to prefer sugary treats over sour or bitter ones. So whenever you walk into an American sweet shop in Nottingham, you’ll get sweetness all around you. The culture has built sweetness even into the candies. 


Eye-catching packaging, bright colours, and sugary slogans – all contribute to the perception that American candies are sweeter. This is a smart marketing strategy that American Candy companies use to attract the target market. Candies and sweetness go hand in hand. Especially children get drawn to sweet candies very easily. 

Large portions

American portions are typically larger than those in other countries, including candy. A larger portion size means more sugar and sweetness in each serving. Hence you’ll find them sweeter than their counterparts.

American candies are sweeter than others due to a combination of factors. While these factors contribute to the extreme sweetness of American candies, it’s important to enjoy them in moderation to maintain a healthy diet.

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