The UK has an amazing taste for sweets. You’ll find an array of candies and chocolates of UK origin. However, you’ll also come across many American sweet shops in Birmingham. Why are American candies popular? Knowing the difference between American and British candies can be difficult for those who have not tried and tasted them. 

Views on American candies 

They are wide in terms of varieties. You’ll get different flavours of the same candy in an American sweet shop. Another amazing fact is that an American sweet shop will store them all if you want to try chocolate bonbons or love liquorice candies. The mix and match of the sweets are endless which is rarely found in the sweet assortment of the UK. Many people think American candies are sugary and liquorice; however, if you’re a chocolate bar lover, American sweet shops offer the same. 

Again the taste of chocolate bars in America is slightly different from that of the UK chocolates because for Americans, around 10% of cocoa is enough to add taste to the bars. Hence the chocolaty taste that you’ll get in UK chocolates will not be present in the American counterparts. Peanut butter and mint are two popular flavours in every American brand of chocolate. For instance, Chocolates of Reese are majorly made of peanut butter with a cocoa coating on the outer end. 

The love for these chocolates confirms that Americans love peanut butter in their sweets. 

Views on British candies and chocolates

In contrast to American candies, which are highly sweetened, British chocolates have more amounts of cocoa and thus have a different taste. Cadbury, one of the popular UK brands, will definitely satiate your quench for chocolates with its creamy texture. For UK chocolates, the average percentage of cocoa is around 20%, making the chocolates a bit bitter compared to their American counterparts. Moreover, UK companies do not produce liquorice candies. You’ll hardly find any popular candies in the UK. Chocolates are the main attraction of the UK, and they are not very fond of sweetened and sugary candies. 

The huge assortment of flavours that you will find in an American candy shop is generally absent in UK chocolates. 


The choice of buying candies depends on the personal tastes of the individual. American candies are the best choice if you like sugary flavoured candies. If you’re a fan of chocolates, then you can opt for UK chocolates. In the UK, however, you’ll come across many American candy shops offering a wide array of candies. Moreover American liquorice candies have always topped the charts when it comes to children. Their vibrant colours and variety of flavours have attracted children all over the world. Ultimately the choice depends on your taste buds. 

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