Candies are sweet sugary eatables. But for kids, it’s their heaven. Sugar content in the candy can be addictive and make kids fall in love and develop an inseparable relationship with the candies. Even for many adults, candies are an excellent munching option. However, children’s love for candies has been in existence for years. If you consider the matter, the relationship between candies and kids develops due to certain factors. Taste, psychology and genes are vital in explaining children’s love for candies. 

Next time before you enter an American sweet shop in Derby wondering why your child is obsessed with these candies, you’ll already have the answers to your doubts. 

Why do children love candies?

They are tasty

The sugary taste of the candies and different flavoured juicy flavours work wonders for kids’ taste buds. Taste buds are made up of taste receptors that signal the brain. It’s a common notion that children are attracted to sweet food. Therefore it’s not surprising that kids love candies and prefer to eat the same all the time. 

Love for the forbidden

Is children’s psychology to want and crave the forbidden things. Considering the adverse effects of candy, it mostly remains forbidden by parents. However, since children are not entirely aware of the damaging impact of candies, it is like a reward for the kids. 

Influence of promotions

Candies is marketed well. Companies use kid celebs and Disney characters to promote the candies.

Thus kids get easily attracted to candies because of these reasons. For promotion purposes, bright colours and funny textures are on the packaging of the candies. This makes the candies more attractive to the kids, and they buy them instantly. 

The colourful

Candies come in an array of colours. The gum candies and the popsicles are the kids. They are so bright that even adults will fall in love with them. Because they are pretty to look at, every child is ultimately in love with the candies. Even the packaging for the candies has become highly eye-catching nowadays. 

Energy supplements

Sugar consumption creates energy within the body. Hence children like eating candies whenever they run out of energy levels. Especially when they are not in the mood to have food, candies can give them energy and make them feel full for a long time. 

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